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Google+ Closes The Story Of An Announced Failure

Yes, Google + closes. Although the news had already been announced for some time, it confirmed what was already in the air for a few days. From April 2 this year, the Big G social network will officially cease to exist and will gradually delete all the materials uploaded by the user in their profiles. But what lies behind one of the Mountain View company’s biggest failures? Between hypotheses and suppositions, let’s take stock of the situation.

Google+ Closes: Why?

Google announced that it would officially end the existence of the social Google+, born in 2011 and presented with great fanfare by the founder Larry Page as one of the eligible candidates and the most brutal competitors of Facebook. Not surprisingly, during the platform presentation, 10 million subscribers had already been declared just two weeks after its launch. In the beginning, Google tried to convince users to sign up on social networks by promising a series of benefits, even from the point of view of the visibility of a website on the net. 

In the beginning, for example, G + posts were also shown on the search engine, Google+ was integrated with Local Search, and for a certain period, they tried to replace the modern Google My Business with the same platform. However, the decline of Google+ has, in any case, become rapid and inevitable. It is no coincidence that the same company has gradually begun to stop pushing on its social network. The reasons for this? Some speak of a few active users and others of a series of discovered security holes.

Google + Closes The Security Flaw

In the first months of last year, an internal investigation called Project Strobe was launched to identify any flaws and vulnerabilities in the access of third-party developers to G + accounts and those of Android devices. It turned out that there was some problem: a bug had exposed the data of over 500,000 users to third-party applications. To understand the situation better, imagine that you need to sign up for the first time on Google+. Surely you will have to fill in a series of fields, including name, telephone number, and so on. 

Once this is done, you can increase your circle of friends and your contacts. Well, the problem lay right here. If a user who is your friend and in your process had decided to connect to another app from Google+, they would most likely have exposed your data to the same app they related to. Although the company guaranteed that the flaw did not concern sensitive data, there was still an underlying problem: why did Google decide not to say anything and not to raise the issue with its users?

Google+ Closes A Repeat Failure

Among other things, the shutdown of Google+ follows other social failures by the company of Larry Page and Sergey Brin. In the past, prototypes of social platforms such as Orkut in 2004 and Google Buzz in 2010 had already been introduced, all of which were spectacular failures.

Google+ Closes: How To Save Your Content

As mentioned at the beginning, with the closure of Google+ also, all the uploaded contents will be lost. To save them, log into your G + profile and click on the Takeout service. Then go to Create Archive to generate a special space, and you can choose whether to download the various files directly or receive the link via email. All this by April 2.


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