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From iPhone 15 Ultra To The Stop Of iPhone 14 Plus

Apple revolutionizes the iPhone: from the top of the iPhone 14 Plus to the news of the iPhone 15. The new rumors at Apple, from the stories about the iPhone 15 to the interruption of the production of the iPhone 14 Plus. All we know about it. A few weeks after the release of the iPhone 14, some rumors on the net have already anticipated what could be Apple’s plans, imagining the characteristics of the next smartphone. There are still no official confirmations regarding the iPhone 15, but according to some leakers, a new design and innovative materials are very likely. Let’s find out more about the iPhone 15 and Apple’s plans.

iPhone 15, Rumors 

From the first rumors circulating on the web, the arrival of the new iPhone will coincide with two significant changes: a renewed design and the use of revolutionary material, titanium. Currently, the company has used stainless steel exclusively on the Pro models of its smartphones, so according to a well-known leaker, it would be plausible that Apple decides to use the new material for its upcoming iPhone 15 Pro. Furthermore, we are talking about a highly resistant solution much lighter than stainless steel, even if incredibly more expensive. In this regard, it is interesting to underline that the ratio between the strength and weight of titanium is much higher than that of stainless steel, providing the same power but at 40% of its importance. 

For this reason, it is used for specific applications, such as car and airplane parts. This proportion is significant because it would guarantee Apple to cut the weight of the iPhone 15 Pro without losing resistance. As mentioned several times, we only talk about indiscretions. Still, if the company managed to find a balance between the parts, it would probably be able to create a very light but extremely robust device. Currently, the price of titanium is $ 35-50 per kilogram, compared to $ 1-1.50 per kilogram for stainless steel. A gigantic difference that could represent the real obstacle to production.

Apple, The Future Of The Company After iPhone 14

iPhone 14 Plus hit stores on October 7, with pre-orders opening in September. Apple has prioritized shipments of the iPhone 14, 14 Pro, and  14 Pro Max. This is because the requests for the Plus version probably have not reached the hoped-for numbers. Maybe Apple users don’t need a bigger screen or prefer to spend a few dollars more to buy the Pro version. The fact is that according to some industry experts, the company has decided to reduce the production of the iPhone 14 Plus and could stop it as soon as possible. 

The problem may be that the Plus model does not feature technological improvements over the standard version, offering only a larger screen. Despite this, however, the device costs a whopping $ 200 more, a figure that not everyone is willing to spend. For this reason, the first rumors are already circulating on the net about the iPhone 15, which could come out on the market sooner than expected but with a Plus variant that can also offer improved performance in addition to a larger screen. Of course, these are all hypotheses. Also, because Apple has never revealed which of its models has sold the most, the company could easily continue to produce 3 or 4 different smartphone versions and adapt to market demands. 

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