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Find What You’re Looking For With The New Search Bar

Rapidly recovering data is a fundamental piece of maintaining a viable business. That is why a decent pursuit bar (hence, a decent web index) is crucial to your everyday tasks. We are entirely mindful of this, so we have refined our quest for your best answer. A decent hunt bar is something convincing. 

It’s essential for exploring your information and deciding how long you spend looking for something. Subsequently, the pursuit bar of a product device, stage, or site is often the most utilized component. To guarantee you can recover data in Team Leader Concentration as fast as you do somewhere else, we’ve further developed our pursuit bar for execution, exactness, and plan.

More Performing, Even More Precise

Speed and accuracy immediately come to mind when you think about what makes a search effective. Getting the right results in a few milliseconds is what you expect from a search bar at first glance. To meet these expectations, we created a new search, based on Elasticsearch, within Team Leader Focus. 

Thanks to Elasticsearch, the Team Leader Focus search bar has become much more powerful and accurate. To implement this technology, our team of developers lost many hours of sleep, but they did it willingly because this significant step forward opened the door to numerous other improvements:

  1. Rank relevant results higher: Our search bar applies a relevance score to decide where a specific result should appear. For example, it ranks matches with contacts or companies higher than other results.
  2. Fix search typos: Typos happen to everyone. But they won’t stop your search. Our search bar will always return results close to your intent and rank them accordingly.
  3. Supports fuzzy and incomplete searches. Sometimes, you only vaguely remember the name of what you’re looking for. Based on your best input or a so-called fuzzy search, our search bar will take an educated guess and return possible results.
  4. Manage special characters: Nothing is as frustrating as not getting results because you didn’t use an é, ï, à, etc. Our search bar can process them, but forgetting them will not be a problem.

Intuitive Search Experience

Performance and precision are one thing. The sensation produced by the interaction is equally essential for a good search experience. This statement might seem fluff, but you’ll immediately see what we mean once we look closely at what’s changed. First of all, we’ve aligned the overall style of the new search bar with the rest of Team Leader Focus to bring further consistency and familiarity to our platform. 

If you have a keen eye, you’ll have already noticed that we do this with every new update we release. In terms of the design and features of the search bar, here are some aspects that help give you that feeling we were talking about earlier:

  1. Clear and recognizable icons: whether what you are looking for is a contact, a company, an invoice, or a project, with a dedicated icon for each category, you will have all your searches easily at a glance.
  2. Tabs by Category: If you know what to look for, you can filter for a specific category using tabs. Note: Only the categories in which results are found will be displayed.
  3. Highlighting results: To explain why there is an inevitable result, the search bar will always highlight in bold why it detects something as a match.
  4. Additional information: metadata, along with the results.
  5. Result sorting criterion: Sometimes, seeing search results ranked by relevance is unnecessary. No problem. You can sort results by newest, oldest, or alphabetical version.

As you can see, the search bar in Team Leader Focus has changed for the better in terms of performance, accuracy, and design. Furthermore, building it on new technology opened the way to explore further improvements, such as recently searched or visited pages.

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