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Digital Marketing Trends To Implement In 2023

Who says new year, necessarily says new trend? In perpetual and constant evolution, digital marketing is one of the most fashionable sectors on this subject! Strategy, budgets, and insights, this precise period of the year can be decisive for the following predictions.

Over the past two years, between technological innovations and budgetary restrictions, the massive shift caused by the pandemic towards digital marketing has changed the horizon of marketing strategies by adapting to the world and the new habits of Internet users. How about we take a look at it for 2023?

Influencer Marketing, The Boom Continues

We tend to say that this is no longer relevant yet! Influencer marketing sells and gives you visibility and credibility. For 2023, the secret lies in the diversity and choice of partners. Indeed, the mismatch between the two parties (namely the influencer and the brand) regarding values, interests, and targets strongly undermined the collaboration. 

An influencer who has been able to match with one brand is not necessarily the best choice for promoting another. Nowadays, authenticity is crucial to impact your audience and, therefore, the selection of influencers too! Tip 2023: Avoid overly general influencers and favor niche people with a real connection to your activity and core target. Also, a digital marketing agency remains one of the best ways to ensure a successful campaign!

With Chatbots, We Will Love Each Other

If there is one marketing trend to adopt and embed in future marketing strategies, it is chatbots, the personalized experience par excellence! And for this, the best innovative ingredients have been incorporated, such as Artificial Intelligence and automatic learning, allowing chatbots to develop their interaction and even… a personality. 

The secret tip 2023: make sure that people don’t realize that it’s a chatbot that the Internet user is talking to by creating a more natural, fun, and above all, personalized experience and interaction. Inexpensive, this trend may well save you time while minimizing costs, but who says better?

Content Marketing, Elected And Expected Priority Of The Year

We understand that originality is the key to capturing the attention of any audience. But how to stand out? Only one answer; content marketing! Being in harmony with its consumers by avoiding the same approaches seen and reviewed circulating on the web while bringing an atypical and strong emotional twist is the content that each target expects from you. To do this, take the time to analyze and detect a decisive insight that could generate interaction AND emotion or consult the expertise of a digital marketing do it. 

The 2023 tip: bet on longer content, even educational content experiencing strong growth, such as articles and add an interactive component (quizzes, games, etc.), and avoid being repetitive at the risk of becoming impertinent or, worse, boring. Small +: article writing is one of the essential levers for excellent SEO, killing two birds with one stone!

Events? The Answer Is Hybrid

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed everything in how we look at events, even though virtual events have tried to take over during this crisis by allowing brands to interact. Now that physical gatherings are back, what about event planning? The comfort of the virtual or excitement of the real? For the year 2023, it would seem that the answer lies in implementing a hybrid approach. Namely, a digital component using technological advances such as virtual and augmented reality while ensuring a physical event. Something to please everyone!

An Audience = Platforms

Nowadays, a target no longer focuses on a single communication channel. Diversified and migrating from one platform to another, Internet users multiply their concentration time on several platforms. As a marketer or digital marketing agency, it is important to take the time to extend the range of media so that the channels used in your digital marketing strategy are consistent and perfectly suited to your audience. Secret tip 2023: your content must be adapted to each platform while aligning with your brand. 

Example: LinkedIn and TikTok may be platforms you should consider together for your marketing strategy, but the video format on LinkedIn is certainly not as good as on TikTok, normal! In short, success lies in the consistency of your brand image and ensuring the diversification of platforms. As brands compete for the attention of consumers during these still uncertain times, marketers or digital marketing agencies will have to arm themselves with agility and responsiveness… Taking these trends into account, we still guarantee you a step ahead!

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