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Bitrix24: A Complete Solution For Your Business

You have for some time been searching for an apparatus that would permit you to make a genuinely online office, so your representatives can work distantly and keep communicating with partners. Bitrix24, which is at present utilized by more than 9 million organizations throughout the planet, isn’t only a CRM (abbreviation for “Client Relationship Management”). 

Yet a total answer for dealing with your business: notwithstanding an HR and undertaking supervisor, the board framework, it offers various instruments for speaking with staff and clients, a space to chronicle individual and business records and a “shrewd” framework that permits you to computerize any business interaction standard.

How To Get Started

Before getting to the core of this aid and clarifying exhaustively what apparatuses are accessible on Bitrix24 for dealing with your virtual office, it could be helpful to know the different plans accessible for utilizing the assistance and, most importantly, the technique for making another record. 

Above all else, I might want to call attention to promptly that it is feasible to utilize Bitrix24 free of charge by enacting the Free arrangement, which permits admittance to a limitless number of clients, offers a distributed storage space of 5 GB and incorporates a set-up of fundamental instruments for a whole organization: the executives of errands and activities, devices for correspondence and coordinated effort, CRM, RPA, HR the board, contact focus and other helpful apparatuses, like schedule, drives and information base. 

Organizations wishing to have more extra room, have progressed apparatuses and have the chance of acquiring proficient help from the Bitrix24 staff can initiate one of the membership plans. 

  1. Essential (49 euros/month) 
  2. Standard (99 euros/month) 
  3. Proficient (199 euros/month) . If you like, you can likewise sign in through your Facebook, Google, Twitter, Apple, Microsoft and Zoom accounts.

How Bitrix24’s All-In-One Virtual Office Works

In the wake of finishing the enrollment and making of your virtual office, you are prepared to utilize the Bitrix24 instruments that will permit you to add new clients, construct your organization, dole out undertakings and begin working in a group: you will discover everything clarified beneath. 

The Bitrix24 CRM has apparatuses for producing, catching, qualifying leads, making statements and solicitations, and robotizing deals. What’s more, it likewise has appliances to bring to the table ideal correspondence to its clients. To get to the Bitrix24 CRM, click on the CRM thing situated in the left sidebar and, above all else, click on the Add button, to make your first proposition. 

Then, at that point, enter every one of the subtleties in the Infoboxes on the deal, Other, Products and Recurring Offer (you can likewise erase individual areas by tapping on the Delete segment thing ) and snap on the Save button to add the proposal being referred to.

Now, utilizing the containers on the right, you can add any remarks, plan a call, send SMS or email, oversee undertakings and gatherings and significantly more. By choosing, all things being equal, one of the choices situated in the top menu, you can add solicitations, items and cites and make robotizations. 

Utilizing the Contacts, Companies and Products choices in the top menu, you can add new contacts and organizations and make an item inventory. By getting to, all things considered, the Analysis segment (additionally reachable through the CRM Analysis choice in the left sidebar), you can get to diagrams, measurements and reports identifying with deals pipes and promoting ROI, see worker execution reports, catchphrase investigation, call observing and substantially more. 

  1. CRM Marketing: This allows you to create email marketing, SMS, telemarketing, voice transmission and retargeting campaigns on advertising networks directly from your CRM.
  2. Deals Intelligence: allows you to monitor the metrics of marketing campaigns. Analyzing costs and ROI helps you understand which marketing channels, movements, or keywords offer the best return on investment.
  3. Contact Center: available contact channels are Mail, Live Chat, Telephony, Facebook, Telegram etc.,
  4. CRM Store: from the creation of the product catalogue to the management of orders and shipping.

Management Of Assignments And Projects

Tasks and Projects is one of the lead devices of Bitrix24 that permits you to make and oversee projects on the web, appoint assignments to every worker of your organization and screen cutoff times effortlessly. To make another venture, select the Tasks and undertakings choice in the left sidebar, click on the Projects thing, press the Create an experience fasten and pick the option of your advantage: Public permits you to make an undertaking apparent to all and to which anybody can take an interest.

Private to do a task noticeable just to its individuals and open exclusively by greeting; External to make a venture apparent just to its individuals yet in addition available by outer clients and For outside distributing to create a workgroup noticeable just to individuals and open using mediator endorsement.

Whenever you have settled on your decision, enter the name, depiction, start and end dates, and set the venture’s proprietor ( mediator whenever wanted ). Then, at that point, click on the Add Employees button and select the workers to be remembered for the incident being referred to. 

Besides, through the choices Image, Visual topic and Other, you can tweak the illustrations of the undertaking, empower the elements of your advantage and show which clients are approved to welcome others to the venture. Then, at that point, click on the Create project button, and that is it. 

By tapping on the name of the recently made undertaking, you can delegate assignments to the different clients who are essential for it. Then, at that point, click on the New task button, determine the name and depiction of the task and, utilizing the Manager and Participants choices, demonstrate the client liable for the venture and the members in the study. Moreover, you can likewise show onlookers by pushing on the right thing. 

In the Expiry field, demonstrate the task’s expected date, while by choosing the Time Schedule choice, you can indicate the beginning and end date of the job and its span. In the Other area, you can initiate the time usage work, set an update for the study, and make redundancy of the last mentioned and significantly more. 

After entering all the information necessary for making the task and actuating the components of your advantage, click on the Add task button to distribute it and allocate it to the clients’ chosen beforehand. You can likewise tap on the Add task choice and make another to continue quickly to the formation of another task.

Document Management

As referenced in the initial lines of this aide, Bitrix24 offers a space to store records and archives, with the chance of altering them on the web and sharing them rapidly with your work bunch as well as with outer clients. This gratitude to the local reconciliation with Google Docs, Office 365 and MS Office Online. 

To transfer new records (the exchange happens with SSL encryption ) and see or alter archives shared by different clients, select the choice Bitrix24. Drive set in the left sidebar: in part, My units have gathered the records you have transferred by, and you have chosen not to impart to the workgroup. While selecting the Company unit choice, you can see the rundown of reports imparted to any remaining clients. 

In the two cases, by choosing a solo record, you can download it ( Download ), share it with explicit clients ( Share ), change its name ( Rename ), move it to another envelope ( Move ) or the waste ( Delete ). To transfer another record, all things considered, click on the Add button, pick the File choice from the opened menu and select the document you need to communicate.

Kindly note that by tapping on the Add and Folder choices, you can likewise make new envelopes and put together the transferred reports as you like. To make another message record, bookkeeping page or show with one of the administrations upheld by Bitrix24, click on the Add button, click on the assistance of your advantage between Google Docs, Office 365 and MS Office Online and interface your record (this is just fundamental the initial time).

All documents made with one of these administrations can be altered straightforwardly on the web and, whenever imparted to the work bunch, additionally by different clients.


It will be helpful to know that Bitrix24 also has tools that allow you to automate the management of any process. In particular, with RPA (Robotic Process Automation), it is possible to choose, configure and customize predefined algorithms that allow the automatic execution of operations, such as the approval of documents or the payment of invoices.

Select the Robotic Process Automation option located in the left sidebar and click on the New Workflow item to automate a new workflow. In the new screen that appears, enter its name, specify the users authorized to start the workflow and, in the Fields to fill in at startup section, add all the fields that the user will need to fill in. Assignment templates to choose from include Approve and Reject, Request Information, Review Information, and Move to Phase.

Regardless of the assignment template you choose, specify the assignment name and text in the General section, the queue of managers, and select the stage to which the completed task will be moved. On the other hand, in the Show fields section, you can set which fields should be visible to the assignment manager. Finally, click on the Save button to save the changes and add the assignment.


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