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Best Cloud Storage To Protect All SME Data

In the difficult period of the pandemic, for all companies – including SMEs – ensuring operational continuity in smart working has meant leveraging digital technologies and finding the best possible cloud storage for their specific needs. The Cloud has been – and will be increasingly so – the real protagonist of this complex transition phase, regardless of the sectors of activity and the specificities of each business.

The “as-a-service” approach has proved so reliable, flexible, and reactive that many companies have not limited themselves to saving what can be saved. Still, thanks to the collaboration and the digital workspace, they have managed to refine some processes and optimize team management. This is about the acme of a health emergency.

Now that the whole world is slowly moving towards new normalcy, with the awareness that there are still many challenges on the path to be faced and different moments of uncertainty to overcome, the only thing that remains is that there is no turning back. And the companies that have not made the giant leap towards the Cloud during 2020 will have to catch up with those that, often due to force majeure, have already embarked on the journey of digital transformation for applications and mission platforms. Critical.

Better Cloud Storage Means More Excellent Reliability Of Mission-Critical Applications

Just think of the advantage of migrating management systems and productivity suites to the Cloud. Regardless of where they are, what devices they have, and even the quality of the connection they have, employees of companies who have chosen the best cloud storage and hosting offerings are now able to work and share projects from remote or on-site permanently at 100 % of the operation and without ever compromising on safety.

This is, for example, what can be achieved with suites such as Google Workspace, which unifies editors for texts, spreadsheets, and presentations, as well as instant messaging, videoconferencing, and collaboration applications in a single account available anytime and anywhere. At the same time, especially on platforms that manage sensitive data, such as those of the SAP ecosystem, the Cloud minimizes the risk of downtime. It supports operations with automatic backups that reduce the possibility of losing valuable information for the business to practically zero. 

All at costs significantly lower than those that a company would incur to run the same software on-premise: the estimate is a saving of around 30%, in the face of consistent performance and net of management and infrastructure maintenance, which with the Cloud are less. By leveraging the flexibility of the Cloud, the data generated by mission-critical platforms can also be automatically saved in different storage classes. The Cloud Storage service offered by Google, for example, offers four options, capable of responding precisely to the needs expressed by each company (regardless of its size) and individual business units. 

While the Standard option is recommended for storing frequently accessed data, including websites, streaming video, and mobile apps, Nearline Storage is characterized by a low operating cost: it is, therefore, ideal for data that can be archived for at least 30 days, including backup data and long-tail multimedia content. Then there is the old line Storage, offered at even lower rates and therefore suitable for data that can be archived for at least 90 days, including those for disaster recovery. Finally, Archive Storage is the perfect solution for data that can be archived for at least 365 days, including regulatory archives.

Thus The Cloud Helps Companies To Become Genuine Digital Companies

What has been described so far is, in reality, only the premise for a new way of understanding business and, more generally, the method of working. Cloud providers not only provide Storage, hosting, business continuity, and backup services, but thanks to their technological capabilities and skills in various verticals, they can become the perfect partners to accelerate the company’s development – towards the digital dimension of tout-court.

We are talking about advanced data analytics functions for identifying new business opportunities, machine learning tools at the service of process optimization, increasingly satisfying user experiences, and data protection solutions that meet the challenges that organizations face.


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