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Become An Influencer: Tips On The Way To Becoming An Internet Star

The dream of many young people is to become an influencer. Our tips will get you a little closer to your goal.

Select Your Area

First, you need to analyze your interests. Be clear about the area in which you want to become an influencer.

  1. Do you have an unusual hobby?
  2. Do you know a particular area particularly well?
  3. Are you fascinated by a topic?

If you are unsure, ask family, friends and acquaintances. These people can tell you which area you are seen as an expert and contact person. You can only be successful if you have a great passion for your field. Set a clear goal and always try to achieve it.

Stand Out

You must stand out from the crowd and develop your style to deliver new, stunning content to users. Ways to stand out from other users are:

  1. minimalist image compositions
  2. extremely colorful posts
  3. creative image descriptions
  4. Sweepstakes
  5. “Theme Days” – Dedicate one day of the week to a specific theme

Mimicking the content of other influencers will not lead to success.

Choose The Appropriate Channels

In the beginning, you should focus on one or two platforms. It is impossible to serve all channels. Furthermore, there are specific platforms that your target group does not use.

Top 3 Platforms For Influencers


Influencers should be more active on Instagram. The app connects elements of individual platforms in a network. For example, Snapchat’s story feature is one of them. Instagram is also known for its high interaction rate. The social media platform is suitable for content that can be presented visually. After all, you can market an Audi A8 better than an elevator.


If you want to produce videos, YouTube is the right platform for you. The competition is enormous. With high-quality videos, however, you have a good chance of becoming known. YouTube is interesting for musicians, comedians and filmmakers, among others.


LinkedIn is particularly suitable for professional networking. On the platform, you can provide insights into your professional life. There is a possibility for companies

  1. to share blog posts,
  2. to present products and
  3. introduce employees.

As an entrepreneur, you should use LinkedIn if you want to expand your professional network. Users can also establish themselves as a personal brand. LinkedIn is also interesting for employees. More and more companies are offering jobs online via the company profile.


Spotify is the largest streaming platform. If you produce podcasts or music, don’t neglect the channel. For musicians just starting in their careers, Spotify enables branding to begin.

Three Other Social Media Platforms


Facebook was the first major social network. Images can be shared, “liked,” and commented on via the platform. Networks like Instagram are now more appealing. It’s easier to get long-range there. The number of active Facebook users is also declining.


Artists can share their work on Pinterest. That’s why creative freelancers should consider the platform. Chefs, fashion photographers and interior designers can all recommend Pinterest.


Very young people mainly use Snapchat. The peculiarity of the platform is that no content is visible for more than 24 hours. Snapchat allows you to provide insight into your personal life. Topics such as travel or food are mainly present on the channel. As you grow, you can slowly tap into new channels to increase your reach. However, it would help if you only used media in which you can present your brand well.

Adjust Your Strategy

Young people primarily use platforms such as Instagram or Snapchat. That’s why you can also present something crazy there. Twenty bananas in a minute? This could become a viral hit. Before you decide on a specific strategy, you should clarify the following questions:

  1. Can my products be marketed visually?
  2. Do I want to reach a very young target group?
  3. Am I strongly represented in the business sector?

A serious appearance is crucial on LinkedIn, as this network has a significant business connection. Instagram is a great place to start because of the high interaction rate. A combination with YouTube is possible without any problems.

Increase Your Reach

The prerequisite for becoming an influencer is a large number of active followers. However, under no circumstances should you buy fake followers. These do not interact with your profile and are therefore useless. Another way to increase your reach is to use hashtags. Only use hashtags that are relevant to your post.

  1. Which hashtags describe my picture?
  2. Do I get the likes I need to rank among the top posts for my hashtag?
  3. Are my hashtags relevant to my target audience?
  4. Do the hashtags match my personality?

Your goal should always be to appear in the top posts. Therefore, it would help if you started with unknown hashtags. As the number of likes increases, you can then use popular hashtags (e.g. #fashion #food).

Be Active

Post Regularly

It is essential to publish new posts regularly. This is the only way to stay interesting for other users. When you stop posting new content, your reach goes down. Nevertheless, you should not exceed one to three posts per day. After all, you don’t want to “kill” your followers with new content. Experience has shown that 3 to 5 posts per week are recommended.

Post At The Right Time

Most people are active on social media after work. The evening is, therefore, the best time to present new content. Set a time. Then, you should always publish posts at this time. 6 pm and 9 pm are prosperous release times.

Interact With Other Users’ Posts

You should also like and comment on other users’ posts. This arouses the interest of some users. New profile visitors are then possible. Nevertheless, you should only like high-quality posts that you want. Two hundred random likes are not authentic.

Responsive To Questions And Comments

Respond to questions and comments below your posts to build a large following. Through this interaction, other users identify better with you. Always remain objective and political. Ignore or delete hate comments.

Quality Of Your Contributions

Your contributions form the basis of your success. Therefore, your images and videos must be of high quality. This point can take a long time. Nevertheless, you must never neglect Him. Users have high-quality standards. Poor implementation destroys even the best idea.

  1. Make sure you have good focus and exposure
  2. Choose a suitable background
  3. Put the focus on the essential picture elements

Build A Site

Why Should We Create A Website?

You can provide more information via a blog. In contrast to a short Instagram post, you have the opportunity to go into a topic in detail. As a fashion blogger, you can appeal to all of the user’s senses via video, images and text. You can link to your website from your Instagram profile and vice versa. High traffic on your website can increase your number of followers enormously.

Recommendations By Users

If you impress your followers, they will recommend you. Therefore, be sure to provide added value for users. As a fashion blogger, the following elements could add value:

  1. Interviews with fashion designers
  2. Live video from a fashion show
  3. Insights into the production of the premium brands

Run sweepstakes or ask your followers to tag friends under your post. This will expand your reach.

Know The Latest Trends

As an influencer, you always have to keep an eye on new trends. Therefore, find out as much information as possible about your target group. Statistics are beneficial.

  1. Which areas of my target group do I reach?
  2. Which content is viral?

Your posts on social media must always be up to date. This gives you the chance of viral success. Such a post increases your reach enormously. If you have enough followers, you can also start your trends. Cooperation with other influencers also makes sense for this. For example, invent your hashtag.

Be Open To Criticism

Constructive criticism is constructive as an influencer. This is the only way you can make improvements. Still, it would help if you stuck to your point of view. Don’t apologize when you did the right thing. Stay authentic.

Plan Your Posts

Numerous programs (e.g. Later, Hootsuite or Buffer ) can help you schedule your posts. Scheduling posts allows you to take a break without neglecting your followers.

  1. Are my posts published at the right time?
  2. Do my hashtags describe my picture?
  3. Do you fit the target group?
  4. Do I have an excellent chance to get among the top posts?
  5. Is our Call to the Action part of my image description?
  6. Am I staying true to my style?

Use Statistics

Almost all social media platforms offer statistics. This allows you to identify your profile’s weaknesses and orient yourself to other, more successful posts. You will also receive valuable information about your target group. This allows you to optimize your strategy further.

  1. When is my target group online?
  2. How are my follower numbers developing?
  3. Where is my target group from?
  4. How old is my target group?
  5. What gender are my subscribers?
  6. What language do my followers speak?

The collected data impacts all points we have pointed out to you in this article. Depending on the target group, you have to develop different strategies. Another option is Instagram apps. These programs allow you to find out information about the target audience.


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