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1377x – Unblock Proxy Sites To Download Movies, Web Series For Free

1377x Proxy is one of the best entertainment sites which provides its users with all kinds of files like music, games, movies, TV shows, application software, and web series with the latest movies. Even though people know that these Torrent websites are not reliable, the users run after them, and the owners of the websites are hacking the user’s device very simply without their information.

Reliable websites like OTT platforms provide the same content with a little amount of subscription fee, secure your information from hackers, and provide the content with good HD quality. Anyhow, people are interested in only Torrent websites because they provide the content for free of cost and the number of contents on their website.

1377x began in 2007, and it was 13 years running successfully with a good number of users as its pride. And in October 2016, the website revised its features and functions. But before that, in 2015, the website changed its original domain name to other domain names or mirror sites to prevent Google from blocking the website.

So, if you want to use 1377x for your favorite movies, TV series, web series, games, music, software applications, etc., go for a trusted OTT platform. Most people visit this website to download movies, games, music, and software applications free of cost and don’t want to waste money on entertainment concepts. So, one thing is clear the 1337x proxy website fulfills users’ desire with the desired content that they have selected for downloading or watching the content online.

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Features of 1377x website

Every website has its distinctive features, and the user is attracted to a few websites because of their attractive features. Out of the other websites, 1377x can be said to be the most desired website by the user.

Now let us go for the features of the 1377x website.

  • The main and first which of the website that has attracted most the people towards it is that it allows its users to download or watch the content free of cost.
  • The website’s uniqueness makes the user browse the website easily and download all types of premier movies, software, games, music, and web series, all for free.
  • It also follows the best UI and user-friendly interface.
  • The user needs not to register or sign up to download the content to browse the website or just view the content.
  • All the movies, TV shows, web series, and games are available in good HD quality.

Steps to download the content from 1377x Proxy torrent website

  1. Firstly, the user should open 1377x site from any web browsers like Google, Mozilla, Opera, etc.,
  2. And now, if you observe the web page, you can see a search bar present in the right-hand top corner.
  3. In the search bar, you have to type the movie’s name or any other content you want to watch online or download.
  4. Then click on the search button to search the content.
  5. After clicking on your favorite content, you have to click on the magnetic Torrent links.
  6. After clicking the magnetic torrent links, a dialogue box will appear in front of you with two options open BitTorrent and cancer.
  7. Then you have to click on the open BitTorrent option, and automatically you will be directed to the bit torrent application.
  8. After opening, you have to click on the ok button to download the content.

With these simple steps, you will be getting the downloaded content without any struggle from where you are sitting.

Hence, these steps help the user who is new to the torrent world and make his work easy and entertainment free of cost with much more entertainment.

Mirror sites or proxy sites list of 1377x website

Currently, this website has so many mirror or proxy websites. And these websites are working to date worldwide. If some of them went banned even though the remaining are working perfectly as the original website. From these mirror sites, the user can download movies, software, applications, games, TV shows, web series, etc.,

In this article, we have already discussed the downloading steps, advantages, and features of the website. The following are some of the URLs that work even though the original website is under the ban.


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Movies available on 1377x torrent website

The website always uploads the latest movies that have recently hit the theatres. Not only that, but it also uploads the old film, which is in a rare collection.

Now let us see some of the movies that which website has uploaded recently.

  • Jumanji: The Next Level
  • Spiderman
  • Capital Marvel
  • The Lion King
  • Wonder Woman
  • John Wick: Chapter 3
  • Coolie No 1
  • Aladdin
  • Ford vs Ferrari
  • Frozen 2

Some of the games uploaded by the website

  • Need for Speed
  • Far Car 5: Gold Edition
  • Mutant Football League Dynasty Edition
  • The Amazing Spider-Man
  • James Bond 007
  • Fall Out
  • Battle Chasers Night War

Some alternatives websites to the 1377x proxy website

These alternatives help or work as original websites when the original website is in trouble or blocked by the government.

Uses of VPN with 1377x proxy website

VPN has a good usage while using these torrent websites. Because the people who want to unlock any of the torrent websites first have to download a good VPN service. And it is safe to download a VPN service on your devices to unblock any proxy or mirror sites of 1377x.

The main reason to download a VPN service is that it hides your original IP address and helps prevent the risk of identifying the geolocation. And also, without downloading the VPN, it may be harmful that cyber hackers can easily hack your device because the content you are watching or downloading is full of proxy and pirated.

So, it is best to download a VPN service that can give your device security from any malware or viruses from cybercriminals. And not only that, the government nowadays is taking strict actions against the individuals involved in such activities and punishing them severely with jail and fines also. So better, please stay away from such illegal activities, be safe to yourself, and keep your device safe.

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Let’s wrap up 1377x Proxy

In this modern digital world, we often tend to access the content for free of cost because we know how things have raised their prices beyond the limit of an average person. Hence every person tends to access the websites provided free of charge even though they are unreliable. And thus, people are forgetting about the safety measures and putting their devices directly into the hacker’s hand without their notice.

The cyber hackers or cybercriminals are stealing away their valuable information from the user’s device, and instead, the devices are filled with malware or viruses. Finally, we suggest to our viewers not to download the content or watch it online and run after the free content because the third-party streaming sites are always risky and please try to avoid accessing them.


1. What is a 1377x Torrent search engine? torrent is a Torrent website that provides magnet links. This website is available to the user worldwide in all locations. It is the most browsed website worldwide, and it is the 3rd popular website to date.

2. Is it safe to access the 1377x Proxy website?

It is not safe unless the user downloads a VPN service into his device.

3. What is the Alexa rank of the 1377x website?

The Alexa rank of site is 13,006.

And also, it has become one of the most popular and largest Torrent websites in India, according to the 2020 information.

4. Is it reliable to access the 1377x website?

The people running after it only because it provides live streaming and streaming content to download or watch online for free of cost. Still, it is not reliable unless and until you have downloaded a good VPN service on your device.

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